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"The results in my marriage have been incredible; it is a whole different relationship—our first few weeks home were a second honeymoon (and way more fun than the first one!) and our relationship continues to be warm, full of vulnerability, soft moments, and courage."


Our marriage is the treasure chest of our lives. We give it years -- perhaps decades -- of our time, energy, and love. Our coupled relationship encompasses our children and extended family, our social lives and finances, our memories of the past, and the promise of growing old together.


But what if we don’t want our marriage anymore? What if it has grown dry and empty, a prison we long to escape? Do we honestly think we can make something better with someone new? Why not create the rich, vital relationship we’ve always longed for with the person we’re already with?

A New Marriage is designed to get at the roots of who we are and how we couple. This extraordinary seminar creates the necessity to do deep work on the ways we sabotage relationship -- in a safe environment that calls forth the level of vulnerability needed to mature. Relationship is the ultimate opportunity to grow up, to take complete responsibility for ourselves. A New Marriage is the vehicle for a new life, bringing to bear ancient wisdom, authentic community, individual attention, and the science of attachment to yield enduring, adult relationships.

The best way to get someone to do the work they need to do is to do your own. Please join us for four days of joy, tears, passion, exploration, and discovery in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Let us nurture you and your relationship in the crisp Big Sky air. Come and find a new marriage -- the one you used to dream about, the one that is waiting inside you.

Next seminar: April 3-8, 2013

For complete information, visit www.anewmarriage.net or download the A New Marriage Brochure.

For questions and to register, contact:

Cindy Leavitt, 406-600-1474 or cindyleavitt (at) gmail (dot) com.
Paul Durham, 310-480-6658 or prdurham (at) gmail (dot) com.